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What they had to say!

Hear from some of our parents from past WE Play Camps


“WE Play provided a safe and fun environment for my daughter to build her confidence in trying new sports.  I value the WE Play model because of its emphasis on team sports in a highly encouraging positive environment focused on girls.  My daughter loved her week at WE Play Camp and still has her camp photo hanging proudly on her wall!”


 “WE play was one of the highlights of my daughter's summer. As a parent, I was excited for her to have the opportunity to test out different sports that she had not yet had the opportunity to experience yet - like lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball. I believe it is important for kids, especially girls, in their later elementary years to be able to try different sports and use their bodies in different athletic ways so they can figure out what they enjoy. My daughter absolutely LOVED her experience at WE Play. The coaches were awesome and she learned so many new things. Volleyball was her absolute favorite sport at camp. We are already looking forward to WE Play this summer!”


“WE Play was  right in line with my thoughts, feelings, and philosophy of sports for young kids in a time when there is so much perceived pressure on parents and children to find a specific sport early on. Having twin girls who have such an enthusiasm for being carefree kids, WE Play provides the perfect opportunity to expose them to a variety of sports at a young age without the commitment of an entire season.  WE Play has a foundation of providing girls a supportive and encouraging environment in order to help them to find a sport or multiple sports they are excited about. As a parent, I want my children to enjoy being active so they may lead healthy, confident, a self fulfilled lives! I am grateful for the opportunity WE Play provides and encourage others to learn more about it."

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